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Centre de Méditation Naropa de Tahiti en Polynésie Française

Centre de méditation Bouddhiste Affilié à la FPMT - Situé à PAPEETE - Immeuble Rouleau - 2ème étage- Quartier du Commerce ADRESSE : BP 4369 - 98713 Papeete TAHITI Visitors welcome - English spoken

HH Dalai Lama in New Zealand

Publié le 18 Mars 2007 par Centre Naropa affilié à la FPMT in Programme des pratiques

Dear Dharma Friends
Next week we will be announcing the release of tickets to the general public for His Holiness' visit to New Zealand in June.  This is advance notice so that you can be ready to secure bookings when tickets are released.  Please read the advice below carefully.
Firstly, the Dalai Lama Visit Trust would like to offer front row seats in the house (free of charge) for all of the honoured and respected venerable Buddhist Sangha. Please advise me as soon as possible the names of Sangha from your Centre and which events they wish to attend.
Further we are providing to allocate preferential blocks of seats for centres or temples that can commit to at least 50 seats.  If you feel that your organisation may wish to take advantage of this opportunity please contact me as soon as possible.  Alternatively you may wish to join with another centre or centres to make such a commitment.
In any case you will be able to book as many seats as you wish through the normal ticketing outlets.  I will advise you as soon as these are available.
With many thanks and prayers in the Dharma
Simon Harrison
Dalai Lama Visit Trust New Zealand

(Pour tous renseignements contacter Mme Annie Coeroli-Green : cannie@mail.pf)
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