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Centre de Méditation Naropa de Tahiti en Polynésie Française

Centre de méditation Bouddhiste Affilié à la FPMT - Situé à PAPEETE - Immeuble Rouleau - 2ème étage- Quartier du Commerce ADRESSE : BP 4369 - 98713 Papeete TAHITI Visitors welcome - English spoken


Publié le 4 Mai 2007 par Centre Naropa affilié à la FPMT in Special Events (english)

Maitreya Project Peace Meditation – Encircling the World with Loving-kindness.


WEDNESDAYS 16 th & 23rd JUNE 2007 at 19H30.

There is a special power that comes from meditating in a group. It’s easier to motivate to do the practice in the first place and there is a sense of community that makes our experience richer.



Maitreya Project reaches many people who are deeply touched by the power of loving-kindness, especially during  public events like the Maitreya Project Heart Shrine Relic Tour. Many of these people have the strong wish to continue their contact with loving-kindness when they return home, but some are lacking a method or have no spiritual contact with others.

The Maitreya Peace Meditation is a simple method that leads people ‘of every faith and none’ to the very heart of loving-kindness. So that we can help people everywhere to develop this easy practice, we are asking each FPMT centre, practice group, and individual to consider adding it to their regular practice schedule.



This 10-minute meditation on loving-kindness was first recorded by Ven Sangye Khadro for Maitreya Project’s DVD. It is based on a meditation that Lama Yeshe himself often led during his public talks around the world.



The Maitreya Project DVD is available in nine languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese and Russian) and the audio file for the recorded meditation in each of these languages is now easily downloadable from the Maitreya Project website homepage at www.maitreyaproject.org  We are also posting downloadable printouts for each of these languages on the website as soon as possible.



Many of us are looking for a way to contribute to world peace and to heal the earth.

The Maitreya Peace Meditation is happening somewhere in the world every day. If enough people become involved we can create a continuous Maitreya Peace Meditation that encircles the world at all times.



he details will be on the Maitreya Project website. That way members of the public, wherever they are in the world, can do the practice at the very same time if they wish.



Please help us to connect and support one another while sending loving-kindness to every corner of our suffering world, without end.

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